Electric Vehicle Charger – Taking the Fleet to the Next Level

Electric Vehicle Charger – Taking the Fleet to the Next Level

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The Problem Statement

Promoting the 2030 mission of all electric vehicle fleet in order to slash down the fuel import bill & running cost of vehicles, the client wanted to make inroads in the electric vehicle space by building an electric vehicle charger. The client turned to KritiKal Solutions to build a high-efficiency lead-acid battery charger which would be packed with a variety of features like temperature sensing circuit, LED indication, cooling system, protections for output overload, input inrush, etc.  




electric vehicle charger

The Solution

KritiKal built a design for 800W (65VDC, 12.3A) Lead-Acid battery charger for electric vehicles & developed it on TI controller chip. The charging system is compatible with varied voltage supply in different areas.  

There are 2 versions of the charger- PFC controller based charger & non-PFC controller based charger. For PFC based charging- the input power supply should be in the range of 90V-300V. For non-PFC controller based charger- the input supply should be 170VAC-300VAC along with 47Hz-63Hz input frequency range and the output maximum voltage should be 65VDC +/- 0.50V.  

Benefits Delivered

KritiKal with its expertise in Embedded Systems built a high voltage & highly efficient charger that supports a universal voltage range. As there is always a gap in the manufacturing warranty of a Chinese product in the Indian market, our electric vehicle charger helped the client to overhaul this market gap by offering assured warranty of the product. Also, our path-breaking work helped the client distribute the product to vendors at a fast pace which in turn promotes  make in India initiative taken by our Government.

Technology Used

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