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Traffic Data Collection and Annotation Solutions

KritiKal Solutions is a technology-driven company with expertise in Traffic Data Analysis including Data Collection and Annotation for all transport-related surveys. Powered with AI & ML technology, our best-in-class data collection, labelling, analysis solutions can quickly collect and analyze traffic data with maximum accuracy.

From ready-to-use modules to developing custom data capturing solutions, we help our clients in collecting data for all types of traffic surveys including pedestrian counts, intersection counts, parking surveys, and much more. If you are searching for a traffic data survey company, then we are here to take care of all your traffic survey needs.

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Service Offerings

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Customized Class Count

Each client is unique and deserves flexible, specific solutions. Based on client’s unique requirement, we can customize our existing solutions to capture and analyze traffic data for any class of vehicle passing through a junction or intersection at any specific time frame.

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Queue Length Surveys

KritiKal’s queue length surveys collect traffic data and measure delay and congestion at junctions for single leg or all legs of the intersection before the traffic signal turns green. It can be measured in terms of queue length (meter/yards) or vehicle numbers at various intervals of time.

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Car Parking Survey

The car parking survey report includes the number of vehicles parked in a defined zone at a particular time in different time slots. The results can be tailored to include the arrival and departure time of the vehicle to get more insight to help developers to determine capacity and efficiency of a parking area.

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Intersection Count

KritiKal’s intersection count or turning movement count services provides accurate and fast analysis of all types of turning movements of vehicle for any complex junction including T-intersections or X- intersections.

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Roundabout Counts

A roundabout is circular junction where several roads meet. Roundabout counts data includes entry, traffic circulation and exit flow rate of each leg of the roundabout along with the vehicle classes report at different interval of time.

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Road Volume Counts

The road volume counts data calculates the number, movements, and classifications of roadway vehicles going through a specific location at a specific time. Be it a 2 lane traffic flow or 4 lanes, or even 12 lanes, we got you covered.

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Mid Block count

Mid block count survey helps in determining the number of vehicles crossing an arbitrary lane at a chosen distance from the intersection. Collected data can be further classified into taxi, car, heavy vehicle, or as per client’s requirement.

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Bicycle & 2 Wheeler counts

KritiKal’s bicycle and  two wheeler count survey to  calculate total number of 2-wheelers passing through or taking turn from a specific location which could be a junction, intersection or any other specific place.

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Pedestrian Counts

The pedestrian count measures the volume and direction of pedestrian traffic to analyze pedestrian traffic behavior such as time taken to cross the road, any obstructions, and the usage frequency of crossing infrastructure. 

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Highway Traffic Count

KritiKal’s traffic counts services survey provides statistical analysis of traffic passing through a road; be it national highway, state highway, rural or urban highway. We can help you classify traffic volume and vehicle classes in various interval of time.

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Flyovers and Freeways

The flyovers and freeway traffic survey is done to analyze the feasibility and damage control of flyovers. With a human-in-the-loop system, KritiKal can help you get the exact count and class of vehicles passing through the road with 100% quality check.

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Merge Roads

KritiKal’s sophisticated data labeling and annotation platform can analyze incoming / outgoing traffic from a variety of complex intersections: be it V-intersection, multiple merging, or diverging roads.

Why KritiKal for Traffic Analysis Services?

Powered by ML

Our state-of-the art object detection and classification framework is trained to deliver perfection.

100% QC Achievable

Human - Machine collaboration to accurately track every moving object from every angle.

Timely Delivered

Super-fast object detection, classification & report generation, delivering results that beat the naked human eye.

Customized Reports

Customized reporting based on vehicle class, vehicle count for 15 min, 30 min, 60 min or as per the requirement.

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