Object Detection, Classification & Tracking

Object Detection, Classification & Tracking

Object Detection & Classification Solutions

KritiKal’s object detection and classification solutions are designed from scratch to enable clients in precisely detecting & classifying objects with a higher level of accuracy. We have extensive experience of developing various object detection, recognition/classification and tracking algorithms. Our expertise derives from having worked on projects related to road sign detection and analysis, automatic vehicle number plate reading systems, aircraft detection in aerial/satellite images, face recognition, vehicle make/model detection, surgical instruments detection etc. 

Service Offerings

Object Detection & Localization
Object Tracking
Density Analysis
Object Classification
Unknown Object Detection
Handling Data Variations

Community Tools Supported

The Object Detection, Classification & Tracking practice at KritiKal Solutions comprises of experts who have worked on various open source and proprietary tools, some of which are outlined below:


AI-powered Automation to accelerate growth

KritiKal’s fully integrated system helps speed up the development across a  wide variety of use cases spanning across different industries like health & Medical, Automotive, EduTech, etc

  • Easy camera & Device Connection
  • Quality data Creation
  • Self-learning Capability 
  • Deep-Learning based system
  • Supports Error Classification
  • Flexible deployment options
Object Detection and Classification

The Latest in Artificial Intelligence

chemical Analysis of Wine

To measure the quality of wine, KritiKal developed Machine Learning (ML) based algorithms to determine the origin/class of wines using chemical analysis.

machine learning in iot

The amazing variations in the number of connected devices are exploding, right from Smart Homes to Industrial Automation, Medical Devices to Wearable Technology.

intelligent mobility

The Automotive Revolution is growing stronger with each passing year and it seems like out-of-the-box concepts won’t take long to wield their magic on the turnpike.

Machine Displacement Measurement

KritiKal developed a vision system using Aruco Markers that tracks the displacement of washing machine. Find the details here.

Driving Simulator Data Card

The driving Simulator data card can be connected with the digital/analog & rotary encoder to monitor the sensor data.

Audio Tool

Audio Tool enables the developers to tag, store, organize, and label audio samples obtained from various projects.

Smart Crane System

Smart crane safety system reads sensor data and sends control signals to control the functionality of the crane.

face and mask detection system

An unique ATM Surveillance application that detects the Face and Mask of the person entering the ATM area. Read here.

Gerber PCB file

Gerber modification merges multiple PCB Gerber files into a single Gerber file connected through a string of flex cables.


Fog PASS is a GPS-enabled train pilot assistance system to combat against the blurring vision due to fog. Find the KritiKal innovation here!

truck recognition & tracking system

KritiKal developed a Vision-based truck recognition and classification system that detects and tracks vehicles at construction sites.

RFID & Biometric Based Access Control System that performs multiple security checks to secure the restricted area.

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React Native for mobile app development

Learn what React Native is and why should you choose this for your next mobile app. React Native framework is used to build both Android and iOS platforms.

network clock

The Network Clock updates time through GPS time server to avoid any fluctuations or time-shifts, ensuring synchronized time without any delay.

Media Streaming Solution

Scalable Media Server Solution establishes & maintains the entire audio/video session during an online test. It handles end-to-end media audio-video streaming.

Free Data Sources for Machine Learning and AI

Curing diseases. Building advanced robotic prosthetic arms. Turning smart cities into safe cities. Revolutionizing analytics. These free data sources can help power your project.

LED Drivers

LED, a light emitting diode, is a two-lead semiconductor that has become a popular source of artificial light nowadays. In simple terms, it glows when electric current passes through it.

Crane Monitoring System

KritiKal built a safe load indicator unit using different sensors that monitor the system as per the configured safety limits and gather data of vital parameters.

KLiPR_Toll Audit

TRAZER Service enables smooth functioning of the toll management system. As it caters different traffic conditions, it delivers 99% accurate traffic data results.

annual day

KritiKal Solutions - a pioneer in Product Engineering, R&D, and Innovation recently celebrated 17 Years in Business on 5th August in Noida.

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    Object Detection, Recognition / Classification & Tracking

    KritiKal has extensive experience of developing various object detection, recognition/classification and tracking algorithms. Our expertise derives from having worked on projects related to road sign detection and analysis, automatic vehicle number plate reading systems, aircraft detection in aerial/satellite images, face recognition, vehicle make/model detection, surgical instruments detection etc.

    Features of KritiKal’s Object Detection, Recognition/Classification & Tracking solutions

    • Invariance or partial invariance to scale, orientation, affine/perspective distortions and illumination, thus making the detection and recognition process generic and robust to real world scenarios

    • Objects to be detected and recognized can vary from simple shapes like straight lines, squares, circles etc. to more complex objects like vehicle number plates, faces, aircrafts, vehicles, buildings etc.

    • Detection and recognition in case of partial occlusion

    • Simultaneous tracking of multiple moving objects in videos

    • Intelligent outlier rejection

    • Heuristics to handle custom scenarios and to achieve optimal performance
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