Hardware to Process Video Signals in Different Formats

Hardware to Process Video Signals in Different Formats

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The Problem Statement

To ensure highest quality video output, the client needed to design and develop a comprehensive STTE electronics system that includes three hardware designs i.e. STTE board, Carrier card and Video Tracker card. As a part of its important Defence Strategy, the client approached KritiKal Solutions to build a portable customized system well-equipped with functions including PAL conversion, Serial data generation, BIST on Power on, 2D FTT and SNR calculation & more.      


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The Solution

Embedded Hardware Development being a key area of expertise for KritiKal Solutions, we partnered with the client to design and develop a complete hardware set for STTE board and carrier with capabilities of accepting video signal from different sources and then converting, processing and generating video signals in different formats. By focusing on the client pre-requisites, our experienced team of embedded hardware engineers designed the three crucial hardware components i.e. STTE Board, Carrier Card and Video tracker.

 Technical Specifications:

• Two input videos PAL standard

• Camera link input interface capability

• Video pattern generation in different patterns such as squares,          bars, etc. 

• Video latency extraction and display

• Spatial translation calculation of the video signal and display 

• Serial data generator (RS232 and RS422) with full control from command unit 

• 2D FFT and SNR calculation for the centre portion of the video signal (256×128) to display the resultant spectral density graph


• BIST on power on to check the peripherals on the power on

In the STTE system, the Carrier Card armed with ARM7 micro-controller acts as an interface between external systems and VT card that accepts and buffers video inputs to and from the Video Tracker card. In addition, it receives, stores the annotation data and then sends to the Visual Tracker card. The Carrier card is integrated with 3 BNC connectors (video input IN, Buffered video output, and processed video output), RJ45 connector for Ethernet and Switch to select between Mission Video / VCR video and indicators. The Video Tracker card was developed by our professional embedded engineers as per the data provided by the client.

Benefits Delivered

The STTE system developed by KritiKal, served as a perfect video annotation system for the client, that accepts video signal from different sources and then processes it in different formats for a wide array of applications that require annotation of live video streams with information like titles, dynamic grids or a kind of visible watermarking.


Technology Used

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