Mobile Vision – Making Sense Of The Visual World

Mobile Vision – Making Sense Of The Visual World

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Going mobile is no longer a luxury for organizations; it’s a necessity for any business hoping to stay relevant in today’s world. Technological advancements are all around us and they are changing the world faster than we can keep up.

An interesting trend is that the exponential growth in smartphones adoption and their state-of-the-art capabilities is increasingly being exploited to bring Vision-based Mobile Applications at the forefront of industries seeking the mobile-first approach. Applications using technologies like Text Recognition, Face Detection, Augmented Reality, Barcode Scanners amongst others are transforming the way we communicate with the world around us. 

Before taking a plunge into the powerful APIs based on Mobile Vision technology, let us first understand how Computer Vision and Machine Learning will play a crucial role in the next phase of evolution of mobile devices.

Computer Vision is basically interpreting images or making sense of visual data. It involves capturing and employing Machine Learning to make sense of this data. Machine Learning, to put it simply, makes computers learn without being explicitly programmed. Mobile Vision
is derived from the concept of Computer Vision.

Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets are nowadays equipped with high-resolution cameras, powerful processors, and intelligent sensors that is helping spring new Mobile Vision based applications. Google’s Tango Project is the perfect example of an exciting this technology. It maps out a complete 3-D structure of an area by just pointing a tablet around the area! Such powerful APIs will help develop high-profile mobile apps that will make sense of the visual data through real-time on-device vision technology.

Mobile Vision Technology      

Mobile Vision Technology

Many forward-thinking companies are embracing the Vision technologies that work entirely on mobile rather than on the PC, the GPU, or the hard drive. This not only helps them interpret the visual world on the go, but also supports agility in the business model.

Here are some powerful Mobile Vision APIs, which can be applied separately or in conjunction with each other for mobile app development:

Face detection with Mobile Vision APIs: Face detection is an advanced API specifically designed to detect human faces in images and videos for editing purposes. This intelligent API can even detect faces at different orientations. Moreover, specific features can also be detected on facial parts, such as the eyes, the nose, and the mouth.

Barcode detection with Mobile Vision API: It is yet another exciting API that reads and decodes a wide array of bar code types in an easy and prompt manner. The barcode type represents a single recognized barcode and its corresponding value.     

Text recognition with Mobile Vision API: This API is extremely helpful in detecting text in images and video streams and then recognizing the text present therein in real-time on the device.

Coming to our company- KritiKal Solutions and its expertise in Vision Technologies, we have developed an intelligent in-house Optical Character Recognition (OCR) engine, which has powered various products and applications like vehicle license plate recognition, industrial
inspection, container text identification, document digitization etc. This OCR engine gives a computer the ability to read text that appears in an image and has algorithms to make sense of the signs, pages of text, articles, or of any other place that text appears as part of the image. KritiKal persistently works on building powerful and reliable OCR capability that functions well with a wide range of Android devices without increasing the size of the app.   

There is no denying the fact that the power of Mobile Vision can be your company’s springboard to growth and transformation. So, let’s jump on the terra incognita and explore the powerful capabilities to locate and describe visual objects on the go.

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