How Can Wide Area Tracking Redefine Transportation?

How Can Wide Area Tracking Redefine Transportation?

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With every hour, every minute, every second the world is changing by climbing the ladder of technology. The technology that provides a new meaning to the way we do things today. Transportation infrastructure is getting highly modernized with sensors making way for Wide Area Tracking to transcend the growth of the transport industry. This will redefine not only transportation but our future as well with unprecedented speed, accuracy, active responsiveness, flexibility and robustness. The future in transportation will include feature like vehicle tracking, trip route, and trip tracking. Basically, advancement in wide-area tracking with improved moving object detection will lead us to intelligent transportation systems giving way for wide-area surveillance.

Communication can either be Short Range

This will involve roadway, toll collection, parking management, and more. It will lead to a drastic change in security monitoring and commercial vehicle checks as well as redefining the transportation industry. Wide area tracking won’t just make life more organized but also much simpler- bringing the entire nation to a more curated place to be in. This will make way for a lot to investors to get interested in investing. The transportation improvement is as important as the infrastructural growth in a country.

Or Vehicle to Vehicle Communication

It is based on connecting different vehicles communicating for emergency, transit, maintenance and construction for solving any issue instantly. The world will become a better place to live in with this remote traveler support that will lead to increased communication in its real sense. It will become better with predictable target motion so that help, if required, can reach on time as the output of a sensor is a unique vehicle identification number for each vehicle so glitches are avoided.


The advantages are limitless in the future as even platoon detection is possible for a group of vehicles traveling in close proximity. Several others are as follows:

  • Improves security mechanism and makes it safer for the country’s transportation system making way for wide-area surveillance.
  • Augmented reality experience will be enhanced for multi-user, taking it to the next level by increasing its productivity and making it more efficient.
  • It will reduce energy consumption and environment costs leading to enhancement of present & future economic productivity of individuals, organizations & even organizations as a whole.
  • One of the perks of Wide Area Tracking is lane change tracking at high speed by largely non-overlapping fields of view. Multiple cameras can be used to keep a track of the object continuously by handing it over to the next camera.

Hence, the entire transportation system can be modified with the help of wide-area tracking making the most use of technological benefits. This indeed will lead to redefining new parameters of the transport business altogether.

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