Audio Analytics Application for Sound Track Synchronization

Audio Analytics Application for Sound Track Synchronization

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The Problem Statement

To allow audiences to enjoy a movie in the theatres in the language of their choice, the client wanted to build a mobile application. With expertise in developing algorithms, the client chose KritiKal Solutions to develop a mobile app backed by an algorithm that could synchronize a short duration live audio recording within the full-length movie audio-track in real time. The application could then start playback of the preferred language audio-track from the synchronized timestamp for a seamless movie watching experience. 


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The Solution

KritiKal designed and implemented the prototype algorithm in a very aggressive timeline of three months.


The first phase of the mobile application involved research and experimentation with different approaches on MATLAB with sample audio tracks. Once the approach was finalized and tested, the next challenge was to port the audio processing and synchronization algorithms to the ARM based mobiles platforms and integrating them in the iOS and Android architectures.

Important Features: 

Benefits Delivered

The application has achieved the required accuracy and delivered users with flawless audio synchronization. With the help of advanced audio analytics algorithm running in the background of the Theater Ears mobile application, movie lovers can watch the movie in their preferred language. For example- A James Bond fan can watch the latest action thriller or a compilation of James’s film series in his native language with the Theater Ears application.


Technology Used

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