Wireless Data Logger to Optimize Utility Reading

Wireless Data Logger to Optimize Utility Reading

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The Problem Statement

Establishing its presence with top grade data analytics platform that works on AI concept, the client needed to devise a data logger system that would capture logging data using wireless technology.  By considering KritiKal’s deep domain skills in Embedded Systems, the client partnered with our team to design and develop a complete hardware solution for data logging along with revolutionary features.  



Data Logging

The Solution

KritiKal Solutions leveraged its embedded hardware and software expertise to devise a next-generation data logging system that can interface with multiple energy meters through RS485 with MODBUS protocol. The communication protocol ensures smooth communication and thus help in measuring the energy consumption of each connected device in real-time. After getting the data from the connected nodes, the device sends it to the cloud server via a wireless network, updating the energy meters’ logs at a continuous interval of time. 

Benefits Delivered

KritiKal’s designed wireless data logger system is highly beneficial to optimize the energy meters located in commercial as well as residential units. As the device reads data like energy consumption, load, voltage fluctuations, harmonics, and much more in real-time, this can be used for effective optimization of energy meters’ readings. This piece of hardware significantly helps users in real-time analytics and monitoring purposes, thereby slashing down monthly electricity bills. Most importantly, our wireless data logger helps in saving energy for future consumption.

Technology Used

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