KritiKal at the Prototype Launch of 22Motors

KritiKal at the Prototype Launch of 22Motors

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Noida, Nov 06, 2017: KritiKal Solutions, a technology design house, specializing in Embedded Systems & IoT, Computer Vision & Image Processing, attended the prototype launch event of 22Motors Pvt. Ltd, held at Gurgaon on 2nd November. Staged to unveil the prototype of the most powerful e-scooter- FLOW built on AI technology, the prototype launch was a phenomenal event for Technology Enthusiasts, Innovators, Industrialists, and Business Leaders, all poised to embark on the EVs production mission, specifically in India. Born with the vision of advancing the world with innovation, KritiKal attended the launch and focused on its futuristic ideas to fast-track the growth of Electric Vehicles in the country. At the event, Mr. Dipinder Sekhon, KritiKal’s CEO congratulated Mr. Parveen Kharb, CEO, and Co-founder of 22Motors for the prototype launch and talked about various possibilities that can be realized in the future together.

To promote Electric Vehicle technology and making it affordable for urban commuters, 22Motors came up with this revolutionary prototype FLOW, packed with industry-defining features such as Auto-drag System, Navigation System, iRepair (which keep on scanning the components to send data for possible glitches), Reverse Mode, Cruise Mode (auto acceleration), Automatic GEO fencing, Remote Stop, Collision Detection System. Backed by a funding of $1.6 million with investors like Ishwar Singh (CEO, Haryana Industries), & Ather Energy, 22Motors took up the uphill task of boosting EV technology in India and aimed to delivering its smart scooters to the masses in Q1, 2018.

Mr. Dipinder Sekhon, CEO at KritiKal Solutions expressed best wishes to 22Motors for the prototype launch. He stated that FLOW is the most powerful e-scooter in its segment and his pleasure in being part of the event. He went on to add that “we made our presence felt with our Technical Strengths and Innovation around Electric & Hybrid Vehicles, Telematics & Navigation, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems. We are looking forward to possible synergies in the EV marketplace “.

Fellow attendee, Mr. Mohit Gupta, Business Development Manager at KritiKal Solutions added that “having been involved in the phenomenal launch, KritiKal Solutions gained a very exciting and prolific insight. Overall it was a great show, we explored state-of-the-art features of FLOW that we can build on to bring transformation”.

About KritiKal

KritiKal Solutions is a technology design house specializing in Product Development, R&D and Innovation. We have partnered with over 250 clients from all over the world and helped them translate ideas into products. We have done this using our deep domain know-how and technology expertise in Computer Vision & Image Processing (Analytics), Embedded Systems & IoT and, High-performance Mobile, Web & Software Applications. In the last 15 years, we have contributed to 50+ Innovations/Products in domains like Automotive, Health & Wellness, Energy, Consumer Electronics, Wearables and Traffic/City Surveillance.

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