KritiKal Builds Network Clock backed by GPS Time Server

KritiKal Builds Network Clock backed by GPS Time Server

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Noida, January 12, 2017: KritiKal Solutions, a pioneer in Embedded Systems, IoT, Computer Vision, and Image Processing recently launched a Network Clock with several key features to ensure accurate, synchronized time without any delay.

In the field of Embedded Systems, KritiKal Solutions has been providing a wide range of electronic products and equipment to Government organizations and other large-scale enterprises for over a decade. They have now enhanced their product portfolio with Network Clocks.  The Network Clock updates time through GPS time server to avoid any fluctuations or time-shifts, thereby ensuring that everybody is working at the same time. It is easy to set up, maintenance-free and can be configured easily for any specific time-zone and daylight-saving requirements.

“Network clock adds additional significance to our vast offerings in Embedded Systems & Computer Vision Solutions. Time synchronization is a crucial aspect of any large distribution network and with our Clock highly accurate and precise time is ensured” said Prachi Kalra, head of Embedded & IoT practice at KritiKal Solutions.

About KritiKal Solutions:

KritiKal Solutions is a technology design house specializing in Product Development, R&D and Innovation. We have partnered with over 250 clients from all over the world and helped them translate ideas into products. We have done this using our deep domain know-how and technology expertise in Computer Vision & Image Processing (Analytics), Embedded Systems & IoT and, High performance Mobile, Web & Software Applications. In the last 14 years, we have contributed to 50 Innovations/Products in domains like Automotive, Health & Wellness, Energy, Consumer Electronics, Wearables and Traffic/City Surveillance.


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