Smart Crane System to Monitor Crane Operations

Smart Crane System to Monitor Crane Operations

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The Problem Statement

To replace the existing Load Movement Indicator (LMI) the client wanted a Load control and monitoring unit to be developed for an indigenous armored smart crane system, which would constantly monitor that the crane is operating under a safe load limit and prevent over hoist of the boom length. Considering our expertise in embedded systems, the client engaged with Kritikal solutions to build a crane safety system.


The Solution

Based on the client’s requirements, we performed an in-depth analysis of the project. Leveraging our knowledge in embedded systems, Kritikal solutions designed and developed a smart crane safety system to control the motion of the jib of the crane in terms of length, Over Hoist Limit Switch, Boom Angle, Winch Over Lowering and Boom angle.

This retrofit solution consists of a Controller Unit, Relay Junction Box, Remote Control Unit and CAN based Sensor Unit. The Controller Unit is interfaced with the Sensor Unit via Relay Junction Box using CAN protocol to read sensor data and send control signals to control the functionality of the crane through the Relay Junction Box. LMI indicates the operator with audio and visual signals whether the crane is working under the safe load limit or exceeding the load limit.

Technical Specifications:

· CAN protocol to interface Sensor Unit and The Control Unit

· Support for measurement of Boom Angle, Length and
    connected load

· 7-segment display to indicate load value

· 8 LEDs (Green, Yellow, and Red) to indicate whether the       crane is operating under safe load or exceeding the load limit

· 13 Relays to perform logic operations and actuation of the
   solenoid valve

· Remote control unit to control Jib, Hook, and rotation of the

Benefits Delivered

Kritikal solutions with its capability in embedded systems developed a Load Movement Indicator (LMI) that uses multiple sensors to monitor boom length, Over Hoist, Boom Angle, Winch Over Lowering and Boom angle to trigger an alert to the operator whenever a safe limit is exceeded. This leads to enhanced safety when operating the crane for moving the loads and augmented productivity.

Technology Used

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