KritiKal in the final stages of deploying OnBoard

KritiKal in the final stages of deploying OnBoard

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Noida, March 29, 2017: KritiKal Solutions, a technology design hub, is working on OnBoard- a Bus Identification and Homing System for visually impaired people in partnership with IIT Delhi. The research work on this project emanated from IIT Delhi, post which KritiKal teamed up with the technology institute to develop the OnBoard System. OnBoard will make public transport more accessible and affordable for visually impaired individuals. This system is unique in the sense that it aids the user in identifying the bus-route number and then enables them to board the correct bus by taking the help of the auditory cues from the entrance of the bus.

“Independent mobility is an essential precursor for seeking quality education and meaningful work. Public Transportation plays a pivotal role, more so for the visually impaired, in providing a cost-effective solution. Unfortunately, the current infrastructure provides little support for the visually impaired forcing them to depend on others for their mobility. This is where we believe OnBoard can help in a big way.”, said Mr. Nishant Sharma, Chief Technology Officer at KritiKal Solutions.

The OnBoard system consists of two smart modules: a bus module and a mobile-like hand-held user module. Once a user presses the Query button on the hand-held module to obtain the route number of the approaching buses, it transmits an RF signal to all the buses in the vicinity. Each bus then transmits its route number, and these numbers are read out to the user through the speaker installed in the user module. After this, the user needs to select the suitable route number by pressing the Selection Button. In response to the Selection, the system generates a voice output from a speaker installed at the entry gate of the selected bus, thereby helping individuals board the bus without any external assistance.

After a successful pilot trial of the system in Mumbai, KritiKal Solutions is now looking at an accelerated real-time deployment of the OnBoard system all over the country.

About KritiKal Solutions: KritiKal Solutions is a technology design house specializing in Product Development, R&D and Innovation. We have partnered with over 250 clients from all over the world and helped them translate ideas into products. We have done this using our deep domain know-how and technology expertise in Computer Vision & Image Processing (Analytics), Embedded Systems & IoT and, High-performance Mobile, Web & Software Applications. In the last 14 years, we have contributed to 50 Innovations/Products in domains like Automotive, Health & Wellness, Energy, Consumer Electronics, Wearables, and Traffic/City Surveillance.

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