Technology in Cosmetics Industry: Benefits and Applications

Technology in Cosmetics Industry: Benefits and Applications

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The cosmetics industry is quite wide considering it ranges from lipstick, eye-shadow to the foundation. Different people have skin with different characters and that why it is very important to take keen consideration of different factors before you choose a product. I bet many of you will agree that experiencing with different cosmetic products and trying new techniques can be very fun since you get a chance to create a new look, however, you need to know more about a cosmetic before you apply since it can take its toll on your skin. In this blog, we shall discuss the contribution of Technology in Cosmetics Industry.

Virtual Makeover

Virtual Makeup Application development is a technology used to help the experimenters and the first-time-buyer to try different cosmetics where an App and AR mirrors are used to help the user simulate hairstyles and makeup. This way the make user is able to try and experiment with any look or any product. VR and AR also used to experiment nail polish shades. How these Virtual Makeup Application development work is that you take a picture of yourself and then send it to a virtual beauty adviser then within a few seconds he will send you a flattering shade that would perfectly work for your skin.

Personalizing Cosmetics

Technology has made it possible for cosmetic users to customize and produce cosmetics using the makeup producing printer in their home. With 3D printers that print makeup, the user can shade and print any color, this way the consumer is guaranteed instant gratification. Before a company or a user comes up with personalized cosmetics, he needs to consider the skin type, individuals’ lifestyle, facial features and of course the skin type.

How technology is helping create data for cosmetic companies

Technology has helped both the small and large companies to collate wide and relevant information about their customers which is very essential in the cosmetic industry. It is important to note that gathering information about consumer behavior can be very time-consuming, expensive and difficult since cosmetics and beauty products, in general, are very personal. Technology has helped solve this problem where data companies gather information for the companies producing cosmetics. Most data companies gather this information online where they give customers a chance to win cosmetic products in exchange for personal information where they fill in a questionnaire. The detailed customer information gathered from the questionnaire helps companies in identifying new markets and expanding their existing market reach.

Beddings that Influence Your Skin

Technology has made it possible for sheets to be infused with ingredients that help make your skin more smooth. SkinGlow bedding is a sheet that has ingredients such as copper ions which are woven in comforters and pillows covers that help reduce fine lines, and wrinkles. SkinGlow bedding mostly works at night since it releases the copper ions once it comes into contact with moisture from your skin. A research done by an independent lab showed that there is a significant reduction in wrinkles for people who sleep using the SkinGlow range of products. The explanation behind this is that copper ions help increase the production of collagen.

Capturing Makeup Sessions on Video

Nowadays it is possible for makeup artists to record makeup sessions using a Google Glass. With this Google Glass, it is possible for a makeup artist to email their customers the makeup session. This way the customers can mimic and learn the makeup techniques, also the customers get to learn the different cosmetic products used by the makeup artists. Most of the makeup artist who uses Google Glass prefers using practical tools that their customers can easily access and apply makeup on their own.

Automated Retail Outlets

Just like the automated machines that dispense fishing baits, chocolates, and sodas, there are also machines that retail cosmetic products. These automated retail machines are touchscreen in nature and they give you information about every cosmetic product that they retail, in fact, they show you videos about the different products.

In conclusion, technology is the only thing that can solve all these problems, by not only revolutionizing the brand experience but also supporting the e-commerce sale of cosmetics products. Technology such as 3D printing is giving the customers the opportunity to produce, bespoke and wear their own makeup.

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