PCB Gerber Modification to Merge Multiple Files

PCB Gerber Modification to Merge Multiple Files

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The Problem Statement

Establishing its presence as one of the leading suppliers of Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) across the globe, the client wanted a solution to merge multiple PCB Gerber files into a single Gerber file connected through flex cables. The client associated with KritiKal for this project, considering the team’s rich expertise in the Embedded Systems domain.



The Solution

Leveraging our years of experience in designing and developing PCBs, the KritiKal team started the project by importing all the existing Gerber files from the client. After brainstorming for the best possible solution to merge the existing Gerber files without modifying the old PCB design, we decided to use the Flex PCBs for this project. With the help of CAM350 software, we have designed the combined Gerber file and Panel design that helps in reducing the design complexity of the product and bulk production cost.

Benefits Delivered

The modification of Gerber PCB files by the KritiKal team helped in eliminating the design complexity and simplifying the assembly process of the product. Most importantly, our PCB panel design significantly reduced the bulk production cost of the product.

Technology Used

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