Smart Inverter System with Intuitive Functionalities

Smart Inverter System with Intuitive Functionalities

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The Problem Statement

The client wanted to develop a smart inverter system- that would run automatically on battery during an interruption in electricity supply and would remotely monitor the functioning of the system. The client also needed that the smart system should be comprised of touch screen based GUI with rich visualization functionalities. 


The Solution

We designed & developed both hardware & software for this advanced Smart Inverter Systems. A high-speed ARM Cortex core based Microcontroller & RTOS were used in the system that helps in real-time control of hardware modules. This intelligent inverter system automatically detects a power failure & switches the system to back up mode. 

In the advanced GUI based Smart Inverter, there is a functionality to switch off the load forcefully without switching off the battery charging system to avoid unnecessary usage. 

Benefits Delivered

This Smart Inverter System acts as a Smart Backup System for public facilities, workplaces, residential buildings, railways, theaters, and dormitories. It offers an efficient way of battery charging such as constant current charging, constant voltage charging, and battery temperature dependent charging voltage. Also, through this indigenous device, users can also remotely monitor and measure the status & health of the system.  

Technology Used

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