Top 5 Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Real-World

Top 5 Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Real-World

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Applications of Artificial Intelligence: One of the most bubbling questions on Quora is – “What real-life problems will be solved with Artificial Intelligence (AI) within the next 10 years, (by 2028)?”. And we’re quite sure that this might have cropped up in your mind too. Being a hot trend not just among the tech circles, but the world beyond that as well… AI has dramatically made game-changing impacts in subtle yet sweeping ways. There are a multitude of examples showing the developments in A.I. from Tesla’s Smart Cars, Amazon’s Intelligent Alexa, Facebook’s amazing Face Recognition to games like GTA V; A.I. is all around us, in almost everything we do.

Over the next decade, A.I. is slated to make more progress and the developments to make the world a better place. With tremendous applications helping overcome the challenges of Mega Industries like Energy, Transport, Retail, Public Administration & Manufacturing, the influence of A.I. will soon touch every aspect of our personal and social lives.

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Top 5 Applications of Artificial Intelligence

Here is a quick rundown of some interesting AI examples ready to make the future more intelligent.


Cooking is one of the best examples hitting the AI development chart. Since cooking just requires knowledge of how a combination of different ingredients in different amounts can make a dish yummy, AI technology seems to do wonders in the kitchen. Some revolutionary products like Hello Egg – an AI-based meal planning and cooking gadget – can not only assist you in finding and executing recipes but keep track on your eating habits to design healthy meal plans.  Since it’s true that some past experiments in integrating AI to design delicious meals haven’t gone well, but inventions like IBM’s Chef Watson are just around the corner to prepare your next tasty meal by means of cognitive cooking techniques.

Paying for Things

However terrible the “Pay with your Face” technology may seem, it could also save a lot of time that people spend juggling between cards and passwords. AI advancements in Face Recognition will soon be a quick and cheap feature to support millions of transactions that happen every day. Along the lines, Machine Learning will teach the computer to recognize the face. Companies like Wells Fargo are investing in Biometrics & AI and also making financial transactions more Secure by incorporating Voice Payments – an advanced biometrics’ analysis of a user’s voice.

Making Shopping a Breeze

Maybe not at optimum performance yet, but Amazon’s pursuit to make physical shopping easier than Online Shopping, will soon become possible thanks to the A.I. Technology backing it. Online shopping algorithms are so prevalent nowadays, but one extraordinary visual discovery project from Pinterest could be the miracle for the retail & shopping industry. Predicting customer behavior will stay mainstream, as everyone from Etsy to Amazon itself are infusing AI to suggest the best products to their customers. The Technology is also helping them with Inventory Management for product stock at Warehouses.

Active Scheduling

The most popular voice assistants like Google’s new “Assistant” & Siri have always helped you in scheduling various appointments. But, with the rollout of advanced AI techniques, they have now become capable of doing things beyond just remembering past appointments and repeating them. Now, AI can read & understand your conversations to actively fetch the scheduling information at your convenience.  The recently held Google I/O Conference unveiled Google Duplex that can understand the nuances of conversations. For example- If someone needs a haircut appointment, AI-based Duplex can make a salon appointment on a specific day, within the specific time slot and negotiate & decide between various available appointments, for the best-suited one.

Sports Strategies

Designing strategy for a multi-player team sports is quite a difficult task for AI – said Conventional Wisdom. With the advancements in the field of AI, designing all new strategies for even the best-studied sports – comprising of infinite variability of human behavior and ingenuity on the field– seems possible. The game has been broken down into chunks and understood in its basic principles by machine learning algorithms. On top of that, the same technique can be applied to other sports like basketball and hockey.

Summing up

AI is everywhere, and it could be harnessed to help solve major challenges whether business or personal. It has already brought dramatic changes in the whole world with new inventions and technology advancements, working towards creating a smarter, more cognitive tomorrow.

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