Video Signal Processing System to Support Streaming

Video Signal Processing System to Support Streaming

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The Problem Statement

To improve the apparent definition of video signals, the client wanted to design and develop a Video Signal Processing Electronics System for the XGA Bird Detector which would take input from a camera sensor and then demonstrate real-time video over various interfaces such as Camlink, USB, SMPTE292/259, RGB buffered output, G component output, and Gigabit Ethernet. The system would involve various modules for hardware and software.


IRDE Bird Detector

The Solution

For this project, we mobilized a team of professional hardware & software engineers to work on different modules. Initially, we built the hardware which comprised of two Video Signal Boards & Power Boards.  Then, we focused on building PC-based GUI application that requires four different modules to function including Video Streaming Application, RTL implementations of Image Processing Algorithms, Board peripheral Testing Software, and Camera Calibration & Maintenance Utility.

Our team used PC over RS232, USB and Ethernet and Camera/Sensor through 100 pin BGA samtech connector for the system interface. In the system, Asynchronous SRAM 1Mx16 bit is used for Video Signal processing, Board1 and SRAM 2Mx16 bit for Video Signal processing & Board1 is used for memory. In addition, Nand Flash & DDR2 are used for storing purpose.


With a long history of experience in imaging techniques, we performed RTL implementation by doing MATLAB coding for Non-Uniformity Correction, Bad pixel Replacement, Dynamic range compression, Scene based NUC, Local Area Contrast Enhancement, Automatic RNU Correction and Pseudo Colouring. Further, our software specialists developed Board Peripherals Testing Software to test the peripherals on the VSP boards. To enable the calibration of the camera sensor, Camera Calibration & Maintenance Utility is developed. 

Technical specifications for Hardware Interface Video Signal Board1

Technical specifications for Hardware Interface Video Signal Board2

Benefits Delivered

KritiKal Solutions developed this powerful video signal processing application to accurately demonstrate video streaming over different interfaces so that it would be helpful in detecting any specious object or activity at border areas by taking input from the camera sensor. This system advanced the client research and proved as a great tool to get discrete results from the real-time video streaming.

Technology Used

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