KritiKal celebrates its 17th Annual Day at INNOVISION

KritiKal celebrates its 17th Annual Day at INNOVISION

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Noida, August 19, 2019: KritiKal Solutions – a pioneer in Product Engineering, R&D, and Innovation recently celebrated 17 Years in Business on 5th August in Noida. Staying true to its mission “To Innovate to Advance the World”, the company is a pioneer in the  Vision Systems domain and has been continuing to serve its clientele with evolving technologies in the areas of Deep Learning, Cloud, Mobile & Software Application Development, and Embedded Systems & IoT.

The KritiKal Team, staying true to tradition, came together and took part in various parts of the event, to make it a remarkable one. This Annual Day put emphasis on KritiKal’s success & perseverance throughout its 17-year journey. KritiKal’s CEO & Co-Founder, Dipinder Sekhon kicked things off with his opening note, followed by the most awaited section of the evening, the Awards & Recognition. The evening was dotted with fun activities which ensured ceaseless laughter all through.

Addressing the audience, Mr. Dipinder Sekhon, said, it’s amazing how far we have come in inculcating an innovative culture in our organization & solving real-world problems by staying true to our Core Purpose & Values. The Last year was good in terms of growth and acceleration with our persistent focus towards ‘Growth and Consolidation’. We as a crew of Innovators achieved 90% of our growth benchmark with new, strong tie-ups giving life to our expansion plan across the North American geography. This year aims at ‘Transitioning to the Next Growth Cycle’, where we need to buckle up together to go beyond our targets with three key arms i.e. Talent Capacity, Partnerships, and Fundraising & Growth Investments.”

He also added, “It is going to be a very exciting journey with our major initiatives taking shape in Vision Systems & AI, Team/Skill evolution, Capacity Building and connecting with peers in North America.”

The evening turned out to be very exciting when the Awards segment began. KritiKal Team Members were awarded for their exemplary efforts & contributions towards the growth of the organization as well as for more light-hearted talents like the one bitten by the Travel Bug – “The Travel Keeda” award, and the out-of-the-box-thinker award, to name a few.  A special set of awards were the “Jury’s Choice awards” which bring together awardees from different skillsets; like being a “marvellous multi-tasker”, to being a “one-man army”. The focus of the night shifted to the much-awaited “Best Team Award” to recognize team efforts for outstanding project delivery and for exceeding expectations on all counts; and the “Prayaas” Awards for exemplary efforts in one’s role; The “Kriti Ratna” awards followed, which honoured individuals who exceeded expectations all roles and went the extra mile for the Organization. A key segment of the event was the Kriti Rajdoot Award (The Brand Ambassador), and the Tenure Awards to honor individuals for their tireless years of Service to the Company – The Award Category aptly recognizes winners as the “Pillars of KritiKal”.

The night gala was complemented with a smorgasbord of interesting cultural activities, ranging from singing to Fun-filled Games & Rapid-fire questions with the audience. The festivities took stage with the most-awaited award of the year, the highest accolade – “Sarvottam Kriti” (The Employee of the Year) for Outstanding Performance & delivering above and beyond expectations. This was presented to Mr. Saurabh Pandey, Sr. Technical Architect, Vision Systems Design & Development, for his impactful performance throughout the year.

Speaking on the recognition, he shared “It was a great honour for me to be given this invaluable accolade. I am truly obliged to receive this great recognition by the management. It has been a great journey so far and I am so grateful to the people who supported me throughout this journey”.

The event came to a close with a vote of thanks from Mr. Dipinder Sekhon (CEO) appreciating everyone’s presence and company followed by a cutting of the cake

About KritiKal Solutions:

KritiKal is a Technology Design House, with expertise in the domain of Vision Systems. Having started out from IIT Delhi, in 2002, we combine our strengths across Product Engineering, R&D and Innovation, to bring out Embedded-Vision, Mobile-Vision & Cloud-Vision based Solutions. The KritiKal Vision Systems Team consists of 100+ Engineers, Developers & Scientists, specializing in diverse areas such as Deep Learning, Cloud, Mobile & Software Application Development, and Embedded Systems & IoT. We have had the privilege to add value to our Clients, having built solutions across categories like ADAS (Autonomous Vehicles), Driver Drowsiness Detection, Skin & Hair Analysis, Assistive Technologies for the Differently-abled, Traffic & City Surveillance, OCR and more.





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