Is React Native Good for Mobile App Development?

Is React Native Good for Mobile App Development?

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Whether it is entertainment or communication, the ocean of
apps on a smartphone provides a solution to our every need. As per a Statista report, the number of smartphone users is going to touch 4 million by 2020, which indicates a significant shift from desktop to mobile.

In the current time where everyone wants information in a
jiffy, hybrid applications stay at the top of the chart for most of the
entrepreneurs and developers alike. Ostensibly, the ones who tend towards high performance and faster deployment while staying abreast with the latest technology, find React Native to be the best solution. This
mobile app development framework introduced by Facebook allows
developers to develop applications at a much faster pace with the support of JavaScript. In this blog, we will discuss what React Native is and why
should you choose this for your next mobile app. 

What is React Native?

React Native is the native version of the popular JavaScript
library- React Js. This mobile app development framework is used
to build an extensive app for Android and iOS platforms. Put simply, it is
an open-source framework of JavaScript-based on ReactJS, for creating
excellent UI. As the mobile apps based on React Native account for a revenue of $188.9 billion through in-app advertising and app stores, there is a continued demand for this technology in the market.

Many tech giants have turned towards React Native including
Facebook, Instagram, Uber Eats, Pinterest, Salesforce, Wix, Bloomberg, KFC,
Vogue & Tesla for iOS and Android app development.

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Why is React Native chosen for mobile app development?

Cross-platform compatibility– This framework allows
developers to use the same code for developing both Android and iOS
Applications. Java, Swift, C++ are no longer required to create mobile
apps. JavaScript developers, who are well-versed in native UI library,
APIs development, and hybrid app development, can build both Android and iOS applications using React Native app development framework. Hence, the overall coding work has reduced to a great extent.

Faster development lifecycle – Mobile app development
has become much faster using the React Native framework. As it is an
open-source framework, it offers various components that can be used locally, thus helping developers work faster. Utilizing Redux – a predictable state container for JavaScript apps– helps in slashing down the development time significantly. It improves the developer’s experience with its unique feature of live code editing combined with a time-traveling debugger.

Good Choice under tight budget constraints – Whether it
is about bringing out a new product or a completely new business idea, the very first thing that pops up in mind, is the budget. Everyone looks at a good and fast return, and to bridge such gaps, considering React Native for any Business Mobile App Development is a great option which helps save both time and money.

Native functionality – Another interesting plus point
of making use of React Native is that apps which are being developed on this platform will look like any other native app. Moreover, the user interface on React Native includes native widgets which help in augmenting
performance. React when combined with Native code can run the most complex applications easily.

The primary codebase for Android and iOS- The
foundation level programming uses the same code for both Android & iOS. It can be understood like deploying the same app to all types of mobile Operating Systems. The Recompilation of the app becomes easy with very little changes in the framework at any level.

Wrapping Up

With each passing day, the framework is evolving and giving
us solutions to our myriad problems. Right from an uncomplicated code structure to an amazing UI and smoother run-time flexibility, this lucrative platform also keeps a tab on memory spacing and makes the application more efficient. Thus, if it is about creating a multi-dimensional mobile app, React Native is the best choice.

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